Reading “Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone again after many years. I am seeing it through new eyes and understanding the depth of what he is teaching about animal communication.

 It begins with his relationship with Strongheart, a German shepherd movie star, and what this noble intelligent dog taught him. …”behind every object which the senses can identify, whether the object be human, animal, tree, mountain, plant or anything else, and right where the object seems to be, is the mental and spiritual fact functioning in all its completeness and perfection. This spiritual fact cannot be recognized with ordinary human eyesight, but it is always apparent to clarified inner vision.”

 To learn how to communicate with animals requires practicing getting out of the way and suspending projections, expectations and superior/inferior conditioning. Being in a larger context of the universal consciousness and the flow of subtle images or thoughts back and forth between two beings that are part of this larger context. And to know that everything from the smallest subatomic reality to the entire universe is made of the same stuff that can be perceived through a sense beyond the 5 senses that normally compose our perceiving and being in the world. 

 It takes practice, preferably with another critter that you have formed a bond with. This is impeding me (self perceived) from continuing on because all of my dog and cat companions have passed on years ago.

 I suppose I can chose a critter at random, or be chosen by them in passing. Harder to know how accurate the passing ephemeral messages might be.  A class or a new companion with whom I have a loving bond would make this process easier.

 Love to know your own experiences about this.







Elizabeth February 09, 2015 @11:18 am

I've enjoyed your thoughts on animal communication. They've inspired me to pull out Penelope Smith's book again. I like her Meditation on Becoming an Animal on page 71. Looking forward to tuning in more with my cats and wild friends! Thanks for all you share. Blessings.

Ella January 30, 2015 @08:14 pm

Thanks for your posts on animal communication. They inspired me to pull out Penelope Smith's book again, and I'll look for J. Allen Boone's also. I love Penelope's Meditation on Becoming an Animal, page 71. Excited about talking and listening more deeply with my cats, and with wild friends along the way. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


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