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Buddy Comfort: News - Journal

Re-reading Robert Fulghum's First Book - May 6, 2018

Getting much wisdom and a plethera of giggles from

"All I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten, Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things"

"Share Everything.

Play Fair.

Don't hit people.

Put things back where you found them.

Clean up your own mess. 

Don't take things that aren't yours.

Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.

Wash your hands before you eat.


Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

Take a nap every afternoon.

When you go out into the world - watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.

Be aware of wonder."

            Robert Fulghum

Anybody listening?

In the recording studio - January 17, 2018

I am currently in the recording studio working on my next release "In the Heart of All"

There are nine songs in different states of completion.

Just finished adding great tracks by Dave Holodiloff on mandola and mandolin. Adding bass with Steve Ucello this week. The song is called "I've Gotta Take Care of Myself".

Have the good fortune of working with an accomplished musician as engineer, Richard Bryant.... more later

Walking in Nature - April 26, 2017

I was at Garland Park in Carmel Valley on a warm overcast day. Hiked up to see the waterfall. On the way a deer crossed my path in a calm way focused on things to eat. Walked past meadows of bright lupin and blue eyed grass. 

There were oaks and bay laurels with old man's beard hanging from them like a Tim Burton Film set. Many five leaved buckeyes starting to flower, and a hawk crying overhead.

Heard the lilting song of a bird hidden in the leaves of a nearby tree. It revealed itself briefly, but still couldn't identify it. It was a type of wren.

It sang. I repeated in my limited human lipped whistling way. It taught me its song.

Was attracted to stop by a glorious growth of flowering fillerie, with their infinite fractal leaves at the foot of a series of arched oaks that stretched into the forest.

A beautiful and healing day of what the Japanese call "forest bathing".

Breathing through the Holiday stress and recording new album - December 4, 2015

Hope you are well and the world is being beautiful, gentle and wondrous with you.

I have gone back into the studio to continue working on my next recording. Working title is “In The Heart of All” Should be released sometime in the first half of next year. I feel good about the songs, their message and feeling. Hoping they will nurture and inspire you. I will keep you updated as the recording progresses.

If you order my CD, “Brother Sun Sister Moon” from today, Nov. 30th through Dec.4th,  at the CD Baby store you pay only 1 cent for standard domestic or international shipping (anywhere on the planet that regular US Mail goes.). This applies to any quantity of CD’s. Only 1 cent shipping for them all.

 "Angels in Embryo”, from my out of print first album is still available as a digital download... A great reminder of the goodness in all of us, : We are angels in embryo. With our love wings will grow."

As the Holiday stress begins to enter my body and disturbs peace of mind and heart - I remember to get in touch with my breath, observe it and then deepen the inhalations and exhalations. Takes only minutes to feel the difference. 

"Breathing in and breathing out. That is what life's all about; surrendered and sustained in the Heart of All" from the title song of my new album 

Cheers, Buddy

Finally Some Rain, Thankyou! - November 8, 2015

Here on the west coast in the middle of a four year drought, we have had two soaking rains in the last few weeks. We need an above average rainy season (California - from November through April), this year and the next two years after to replenish the extremely depleted water table. Then we can breathe easier.

I am grateful and hopeful. In the meantime conserving water and encouraging local communities to set up home and business water cachement systems and reservoirs (where non-detrimental to the environment).

We can be grateful for what we have, diligent about what is needed and truthful in all (no hidden agendas please).

The deep blue skies have been masterfully sketched with every type of cloud formation over the even deeper blue bay.

A pod of around fifteen humpback whales came into the bay a few months ago following large schools of anchovies that were seeking waters cooler  closer into shore than the warming deep Pacific.

They were spouting, diving with flukes aloft and sometimes jumping out of the water (breaching) and crashing sideways back in. It was the most magnificent whale experience I have ever had.

A few weeks later there were literally 1,000 pelicans and other shorebirds diving furiously for a bounty of swimming food in a cove near where I live for an entire afternoon.

Amazing sights yet reminders of unprecedented changes in the Earth's climate in our lifetime .




PS desalinization plants are not the answer (to be continued)




George Harrison and the Tao Te Ching - December 5, 2014

I was reading a passage from the Tao Te Ching and was reminded of a song by George Harrison, “The Inner Light”.

I listened to it again and discovered that George was probably reading the same passage and was inspired to write the song.

Tao Te Ching - (47)

translated by Stephen Mitchell


Without opening your door

you can open your heart to the world.

Without looking out your window

you can see the essence of the Tao.


The more you know

the less you understand.


The Master arrives without leaving,

sees the light without looking,

achieves without doing a thing.


The Inner Light

George Harrison

“The Beatles Past Masters Volume Two”


Without going out of my door

I can know all things on earth.

Without looking out of my window

I can know the ways of heaven.


The farther one travels

The less one knows.

The less one really knows.


Without going out of your door

You can know all things on earth.

Without looking out of your window

You can know the ways of heaven.


The farther one travels

The less one knows.

The less one really knows.


Arrive without traveling.

See all without looking. Do all without doing.  

Animal Communication - December 1, 2014

Reading “Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone again after many years. I am seeing it through new eyes and understanding the depth of what he is teaching about animal communication.

 It begins with his relationship with Strongheart, a German shepherd movie star, and what this noble intelligent dog taught him. …”behind every object which the senses can identify, whether the object be human, animal, tree, mountain, plant or anything else, and right where the object seems to be, is the mental and spiritual fact functioning in all its completeness and perfection. This spiritual fact cannot be recognized with ordinary human eyesight, but it is always apparent to clarified inner vision.”

 To learn how to communicate with animals requires practicing getting out of the way and suspending projections, expectations and superior/inferior conditioning. Being in a larger context of the universal consciousness and the flow of subtle images or thoughts back and forth between two beings that are part of this larger context. And to know that everything from the smallest subatomic reality to the entire universe is made of the same stuff that can be perceived through a sense beyond the 5 senses that normally compose our perceiving and being in the world. 

 It takes practice, preferably with another critter that you have formed a bond with. This is impeding me (self perceived) from continuing on because all of my dog and cat companions have passed on years ago.

 I suppose I can chose a critter at random, or be chosen by them in passing. Harder to know how accurate the passing ephemeral messages might be.  A class or a new companion with whom I have a loving bond would make this process easier.

 Love to know your own experiences about this.







Special Shipping on" Brother Sun Sister Moon" CD - December 1, 2014

Hi Everyone,


Long time. Hope this autumn finds you filled with peace of mind and heart.


If you order my CD, “Brother Sun Sister Moon” today, Mon. Dec.1st through Wed, Dec. 3rd,  at the CD Baby store you pay only 1 cent for standard domestic or international shipping. This applies to any quantity of CDs. It’s a good opportunity to share this music with those you love for the holidays.


Order Brother Sun Sister Moon” with special shipping rate of only 1 cent here -


“Angels in Embryo”,  from my out of print  first album is available as a digital download... A great reminder of the goodness in all of us, even our enemies. 


Tevya in “Fiddler on the Roof” said a prayer for the Czar who was making living impossible for his people that sums it up, “May the Lord bless and keep the Czar far away from us” 


Forgiveness, prayers and release of resentments sets us free. I’ve been doing some work on myself with this. Of course you don’t have to roll over and let them kick you, but you can set yourself free. It is freeing. You can tell by the sighs.


Order “Angels in Embryo” here -


I find myself reading books about animal communication and noticing an opening within me to responses by passing dogs, birds and squirrels, deer, etc. Some great books on the subject: “Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone, “Animal Talk” by Penelope Smith, and “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” by Amelia Kincade.

(see "Animal Communication" posting)

........refinding, refining lost childhood abilities in the realm of the sixth sense.


Love to hear about your own experiences with this.


“Oh Father when I was blind I found not a door that led to Thee.  Thou hast healed my eyes: now I discover doors everywhere: the hearts of flowers, the voices of friendship, memories of lovely experiences, Each gust of my prayer opens a new entrance to the vast temple of thy presence.”    Paramahansa Yogananda






An Ancient Muse - November 25, 2014

I listened to “An Ancient Muse” by Loreena McKennitt again last night. Her recording gives us a profound and universal message of timeless hope and loving courage across the ages in its exquisite blend of cultures, unique musical instruments, virtuosity and poetical lyrics.

Ms. McKennitt has been tracing the history of the Celts and other cultures traveling to places like Delphi, Istanbul, Anatolia, China, Marrakesh, Venice, Granada……discovering riches of stories, poems, books and music spanning centuries from which she has masterfully woven her magical tapestries in her recordings: “An Ancient Muse” as well as “The Book of Secrets” and “The Mask and Mirror”

She is a seasoned troubadour whose crystal evocative voice, Celtic harp and piano take us deeply into mythical worlds. The ensemble of musicians she has gathered around her is world class and provides a seemingly fathomless array of subtle tone colors from which to draw. Her musical settings of ballads and poems by St. Augustine, Sir Walter Scott, Alfred Doves… with each repeated listening still bring my heart to tears from their beauty. Her own lyrics place her firmly among the mystical poets of old. Always in reverence to our earth mother and nature, her music consistently moves me.



Sunset and Pelicans - October 30, 2014

I went out to watch the sunset over Asilomar Beach. I stood facing the sliver of a new moon just as several flocks of pelicans glided directly over my head in groups of around 20 one right after the other.

Each small flock followed the same curves and turns as the one before as if on an invisible highway in the sky that only they could see, and told each other about as each new group followed the same path even if several minutes had passed before they arrived.

I was honored they flew so close above my head and perhaps told each other to look for the chap with the blue woven cap. They were majestic in their effortless gliding toward the sunset. A great close to the day.

Time and music - October 15, 2014

Groucho Marx used to say "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" and Kermit the frog says "Time's fun when you are having flies"

I'm happy to know you have enjoyed your time listening to my songs.



Spring cleansing and harmonization - May 22, 2014

I saw a greeting card someone had sent me years ago. It posed the question: "Why can angels fly"? And gave the answer: "Because they take themselves lightly".

Feeling the changes being brought about by more and more light, as it is poured into the Earth and her learning souls by light beings in other dimensions.

Also eating good wholesome organic (sustainably grown) food, drinking filtered water and breathing clean air in gratitude.  Getting plenty of hugs and walking everyday while taking myself lightly, and singing as much as possible. A formula for good health, I believe.

It's spring cleaning time: internal cleansing and getting into those cabinets under the sink, and the medicine cabinet, and eliminating all toxic body care and cleaning products. There are many body friendly products at you natural food store. How much is your good health worth?

Bringing all into consciousness and mindfulness, and separated parts of my life into a harmonized whole.

Good in all ways for all.



It is a beautiful spring day in gratitude - April 28, 2014

The ice plant is blooming in psychlotropic color all along the bayside paths here in Pacific Grove. Saw two black oyster catchers mating. Communed with a beautiful western gull and a ground squirrel. Just sat and connected on a peaceful heart level. Trying to get out of the way to receive the images they might be sending. Life is full alive and joyful. 

Had my car break down on the highway in transit on the way home from singing at the Unity Spiritual Center in San Jose yesterday. Angels were with me manifested through a generous cell phone lender, tow truck driver and a taxi ride home with neighbors from the bus stop.

Being in gratitude and hoping the new life of spring is touching you in magical ways.


Singing and playing guitar in gratitude. - April 8, 2014

It has been a sunny warm spring following some welcome rain here along the coast, and my spirits have risen to match the days. All inspiration and grace are still with me, and I offer blessings of joy, beauty, good health, peace love and abundance to all.

Singing and playing guitar in gratitude.

Inspiring Sunday Service at PCC - February 3, 2014

Yesterday morning, my birthday, I was guest musician at the Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Grove.

Dr. Bill Little spoke eloquently about "Solving relationship problems". The essence is that "Source, God, Goddess, Infinite Mind..." is all there is and we are a part of that, and it is where all relationships are.

Our ego, sense of "small self",  limits our existence to what only the senses tell us. We are much more than this.

We are infinite, and that which we are part of is infinite, and therefore unbounded if we but let our mind free to embrace this.

Unlimited wealth (from the origin of wholeness), includes health and boundless possibilities in the present moment. What we think, feel, embrace and project into the infinite intelligence /infinite heart manifests in our lives.

I must be clear in what I am asking for. 

I then release it into bigger hands, and trust that there is nothing more for me to do.

We recognize that "God" is everything everywhere including ourselves and others.  God doesn't stop a few inches from me. What I judge in others is a part of me to look at.

As Fantuzzi says in his song, " are the beginning, you are the center, you are beyond the end. I love you so. You help me see. See you in all. See you in me. I'm in you and you're in me..."

Bob Phillips accompanied me brilliantly on piano as I sang with my guitar on "I'm In You and You're in Me" and "Wind Beneath My Wings".


Affirming the New Year - January 1, 2014

"With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open, and I shall move through them to vaster fields, where my worthwhile dreams of life shall be fulfilled.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Another year has flown by, - December 21, 2013

Angels in Embryo cover

Another year has flown by, and here we are in the Holiday Season. Some of you may be on retreat and contemplating "who am i , "what am i doing here", and what's my relationship with Source?".

Others may be out busy making lists, shopping, and organizing gatherings and meals with friends and family. Some may be planning to light candles and sit in prayer, or on the beach at the Solstice to watch the sun set. Hopefully we will all be giving and receiving warm hugs and smiles. (Like in the movie "Love Actually").

In the midst of all of this I have re-released a song from my first eponymous album "Buddy Comfort, (Mythical Beauty)", called “Angels in Embryo”. It features members of the Buddy Comfort Ensemble: Lorraine Hunt on viola, Stephen Huzur Coughlin on soprano sax, and myself on guitar and vocals.

“Angels in Embryo” affirms our true potential and realized nature.

This digital download is available from CD Baby

May your life be enfolded in prayers for Peace of mind, heart and planet, in Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Gratitude and Grace,

Buddy Comfort

Great Singing Circle on Sunday at PCC - November 12, 2013

Some good folks were there. We sang in the sanctuary and I played the piano, guitar, angel harp and hurdy gurdy.

Some chants for guidance and finding true self emerged. including "Master Come to Me" by Michael (Maitreya) Stillwater, "Toward the One" (Sufi Invocation), "Spirit of the Wind" by Star Williams, "Let Me Be One With the Infinite Sun", "Fly Like an Eagle", 'I Circle Around", "Govinda Jai Jai". "Breathing In and Breathing Out" by Buddy Comfort. Also some songs affirming peace; "Imagine" by John Lennon, "Alleluia War is Over" and "The Thorn Seeks Not to Pierce" by Buddy Comfort.

We also had a focus on healing for those whose names were spoken into the circle.

The free CD of "Brother Sun Sister Moon"was raffled and won. Congratulations to Susie.

Kudos to John Talon for running the sound and lighting, Molly Steele for holding the space, and PCC for hosting the evening.

Thank you all!



Reading a Delightful and Profoundly Moving "Children's" Book for us all - November 9, 2013

Just finished "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate Dicamillo. It enriches the genre sustained so long by "The Velveteen Rabbit" and "Pinocchio".

It is the journey of a china rabbit that takes him through many uprooting experiences to the opening of his heart and the finding of his true home.

It is about awakening through loving and being loved.

It has masterful illustrations by Bagram Iba Toulline

I give it a full cup of tears.

Glorious summer in fall - September 30, 2013

The September summer weather has arrived here on the Monterey Bay. We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunny days one after the other. The pelicans glide so majestically and effortlessly across the water, and many western, California and herring gulls are ready to steal some food from the picnickers at Lover’s Point.  Saw a school of dolphins jumping at Carmel Beach, and am enjoying being out in the fresh air walking and riding my bicycle.


Heard a concert with "The Legends of the Celtic Harp" the other night. Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter, master harpers all. Patrick also wove many a fine tale, and Aryeh added the hauntingly beautiful Swedish nyckelharpa. Don't miss them if they are in your area.,,


Still going through all the treasures of concert recordings past, to find the best ones to release for you.


May all be peaceful, joyful and abundant in your life.



Treasure Trove of Music - March 26, 2013

I have been listening through a treasure trove of cassettes (the only form in which they exist) of past concerts I have been in. Some back to 1979. (Zellerbach Auditorium, 1750 Arch St, Network Coffee House, Unicorn Concert...)


There is good music there, with really great musicians I have had the privilege to perform with. Some who are no longer with us.


I've started transferring these cassette archives into digital form. Perhaps with some engineering mastery by someone else there will be an offering in the form of a new (old) CD.


Funding is the next focus.


I'm also formulating the next CD of songs currently to record in studio, dear to my heart that have been hidden too long and I hope will serve many.


I'm placing my time and energy upon these endeavors, and letting all the madness of the world be in the healing heart of God.

I affirm today that everyone on Earth will awaken from their sleeping - March 7, 2013

There are so many mis-alignments brought on in so many ways by the old structure holding on for dear life to its power and selfishly obtained wealth. Worshiping in the temple of what no longer serves us.

I’d like to focus on what we are creating.
“We have met the enemy and they are us” (Pogo).
“I am you, and you are me, and we are all together” (The Beatles).
“God in me, as me, is me”
“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.”
Let’s help each other row across this ocean of life in this short time we have from birth to death (this time around) so the quality of life for all is fully embraced in wholeness of life, light, harmony, love, compassion, forgiveness, grace, beauty and peace.

I affirm today that everyone on Earth will awaken from their sleeping and embrace this and all illumined visions.

Video of "I Love My Life" - February 20, 2013

Here's a beautiful video that stands out as a gem on You tube of "I Love My Life" by pabloeusebio1

featuring Marcia Miget on soprano sax.

See all the other videos at "Awakening from Trance of Mind"

You can see more videos of Buddy Comfort performing at

Today is a beautiful day to be alive. - January 7, 2013

Today is a beautiful day to be alive. The sun shines to warm the day from the almost freezing nights, the waves glide perfectly to the shore as they wear away the rocks into otherworldly sculptures and forms. A young hawk soars with the thermals and a lone egret stands atop the kelp waiting to eat. The sky is blue and the Bay reveals her deeper places with a deeper blue shade. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, from the simplest breath to the breathtaking sunset.

Retail Outlets that carry "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" by Buddy Comfort - December 17, 2012

To purchase  the "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" CD      Click on the "Buy" page on this site,

or visit a retailer near you.

Better to call first to confirm stock.



Esalen Bookstore

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Big Sur, CA 93920


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Luminata Books and Gifts

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Stepping Stones Bookstore

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Mt. St. Francis Retreat Center

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The Shrine Gift Shop

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Oneness in Peace Spiritual Center

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Koinonia Christian Books

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Victoria, BC, V8W 2H7, CANADA

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Ananda Assisi

Assisi, IT




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