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Buddy Comfort: News - Journal

Magical Concert Sunday Night - Heaven's Door at Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Grove - December 11, 2012

The concert began with Alisa Fineman's healing sonorous voice and Kimball Hurd's rich harmonies and deft guitar. He added inspired mandolin lines to Alisa's guitar giving us a heartfelt set of original songs about love, family, peace, celebration and affirming the joy of being alive. It was a great mix of ballads and songs with tasty world rhythms.

They were followed by the piano and flute duo of Bob Phillips and Kenny Stahl, who performed masterful jazz renditions of a Bach Bouree and a tribute to Mary.

Bob and Kenny then joined me on "Oh My Earth", "I Love My Life", and “If I Were a Bird”.  Kenny’s flute soared throughout the set, while Bob laid down perfect chordal voicings and rhythms.

Suellen Primost's rich cello lines added unique beauty to the songs we played together. She brought new life and exquisite tone layers to "Unicorn", "Galadriel" and "Illusion/Light".

Angels in Embryo with Suellen, Bob and Kenny was sublime, and I felt like I was levitating during parts of the song.

Alisa and Kimball added rich harmonies to “Wild Mountain Thyme” while I played hurdy gurdy. Then everyone sang "One Heart". Sprinkled throughout was Kimball’s rain-like mandolin.

We all played together on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" as John Tallon joined his conga with Macucho Bonillo's box drum to move the energy for the audience to dance, and they did.                         

John Tallon also provided sterling sound reinforcement the entire time.

It was a magical evening, a blend of gifted musicians who got out of the way and let Spirit guide their hands, voices and hearts. The audience was responsive and moved.

I felt blessed to be part of the celebration. 

Thank you, everyone who organized, promoted, supported behind the scenes, performed and held the space.


Sending prayers for peace, truth telling, and owning that truth by all sides of every conflict in the Middle East. - November 20, 2012

Sending prayers for peace, truth telling, and owning that truth by all sides of every conflict in the Middle East.
Shining the light on the shadows and denial. Own what is ours within and respect all life on this beautiful planet, our home.
Let's all make a priority for ourselves to live with all others in respect and honest communication.
Those who profit from selling  products of destruction to all sides, please search your souls about what you do.
We can be creative in our prosperity and hold a vision for the future of our children's, children's, children's children's, children's, children's children.
Let us not destroy our home in shortsighedness, greed, selfishness, fear, anger, hatred, hunger for power, and self importance.
May we be courageous enough to forgive and may we recognize and be grateful for the most subtle of gifts.  May love and healing be our art.

Gem From Archives - September 10, 2012

Since moving to my new home I have been opening long stored musty boxes, and discovering cards and letters from past loves and friends, journals, photos, drawings, notes from classes on herbs and natural healing, some old concert flyers and revues of my recordings. It’s like an archeological dig, memory lane, Christmas and my birthday all in one.

Among these is a gem from a dear soul who left us too soon a few decades ago.

Will Noffke had a radio show, “New Horizons” in Berkeley. He also had a meeting place for inspirational talks and music, “Shared Visions”. I would like to share his revue of Brother Sun, Sister Moon:

“Grace Notes:

 On his newest release, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Buddy Comfort plumbs the depths of his heart to touch ours. In the true troubadour tradition he tells a tale. This is not a tale of mundane events or sentimental romance, but a story of the yearning of a soul seeking to consciously know itself. This is an ode to the spirit of St. Francis, to simplicity of lifestyle, compassion for humanity, and union with nature. The inclusion of three seldom heard songs composed by Donovan for Franco Zeffirelli’s transcendent film is cause for celebration in itself, but the great gift is that these gems are impeccably set and matched by stunning original jewels, creating a total work of art expressing the theme of unconditional love. This album takes you beyond concerns of the moment and into the infinite quietude, alone with the beloved.”




New Home in Pacific Grove, CA - July 25, 2012

After living for several years in a rustic mountain place near Bonnie Doon in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I have been blessed with the opportunity to move to a new home (affordable rental) in a sleepy coastal town on the Monterey Bay.

There is so much grace in my life. The unit became a reality after a 3-year waiting list, and the generosity of a dear friend.

Seagulls and doves visit on my roof and I can walk along the water accompanied by ground squirrels, who are too used to junk food given by picknicking families at Lover's Point. One even climbed up the outside of my pant leg looking for a treat. I told him to go forage for healthy natural stuff he's supposed to eat.

Majestic chevrons of pelicans glide overhead and cormorants dive for fish. Dolphins occasionally come by as sea otters swim on their backs while eating or carrying their babies. I saw a mother and her young pup playing together in the kelp forest. Another otter was napping on his back in the sun anchored to the kelp to keep from floating away.  Snowy egrets, light in weight, stand on the surface of the water on the canopy of the kelp forest motionless and patient waiting for a fish.

Went to the aquarium and saw a magnificent otherworldly display of jellyfish. Such living beings in complete harmonious movement with their watery environment renews a sense of wonder about the mystery of the universe. Another fluid intelligence of the dreamy shadows is the octopus.

A fledgling gull still with some down, had fallen from the roof nest, and was wandering around for days on the ground. The mother and father plus two other relatives were feeding it, keeping watch and chasing off danger. However, one day I noticed its leg was injured and its wing was drooping. Thinking of raccoons and foxes from the nearby forest, I called the SPCA Wild Bird rescue folks, who are now caring for it until it can be released back into the wild.

I'm still playing and writing music. Was able to transfer songs from master tapes of my first, out of print album, and will be offering it soon as a digital download album. More to come....

May all be merry, healthy and prosperous.


Sacred Folk Songs by Miriam Therese Winter and the Medical Mision Sisters - February 20, 2012

I have completed the recording of a song by Sister Miriam Therese Winter called "Let There Be Peace" at Justin Mayer's Bear Creek Studio. There is some beautiful accompaniment by Barry Phillips on Cello, Laurel Thomsen on viola and violin, and Dan Young on flugelhorn. I’ve added voice, guitar and piano.

This song will be included on the upcoming second volume, of a planned 5 volume set.

The first CD is now available and has great performances by Seraphim, Elizabeth Van Trapp, Janis Ian, the Medical Mission Sisters with the Limelighters, and many more. You can order from their website:

In the words of the project’s producer, Dan Paulos, a gifted visual artist in his own right. “A year ago I began a project that few thought would succeed. I never knew why, because to me it was something important that needed to be accomplished – to beautify the world through the sharing of sacred folk song sung into existence since the 1960s by contemporary composer Miriam Therese (MT) Winter. Professional singers from across the country and Canada agreed, generously gifting the Sacred Folk Songs project with their time and talent in response to my invitation to sing one – or several- of her songs.

            Getting Mt’s songs “out there” was my first priority. At the same time I wanted to ensure that production costs would be covered through grants and donations and that every cent made from the sale of the recordings would be given to her community, the Medical Mission Sisters, to help support their healing ministries to the poorest of the poor and others in need around the world. I am convinced that by sharing in this way, artistically and financially, we too can and do participate in reaching out to those deprived of essential resources. At the same time, we also spread goodness and love far and wide through the medium of sacred song.

            MT’s songs celebrate life. They are “sacred” because they are deeply rooted in the Divine Source of all that is, whom many of us call God. This project reflects her vision – which is also her community’s vision – of a united multicultural, multifaith world, for recording artists from various walks of life, representing diverse spiritual traditions, are a part of it. We have come together in mutual respect, friendship, and a shared love for music. It has been and will continue to be an awesome experience. For this we are truly grateful.

            The Sacred Folk Songs project, entitled Loving You, will consist of a five-CD set of more than 100 of MT’s songs. Most were originally recorded by the Medical Mission Sisters and have been sung worldwide since the mid-1960s. Several cuts  from those earlier tracks, such as “Joy is Like the Rain” (1966) will be included, along with new songs recorded by four of the original singers in Albuquerque this spring (2011). The greater part of the project, however, will be the work of professional singers with international or regional reputations.

            We have decided to release Volume One of the five-volume set to generate awareness and support for the full collection. Please join us in getting the news out there to your own loyal following. Remember, every sale helps those who are impoverished, or hungry, or ill, while offering a memorable experience to the listener and to the one who sings along. Together let us invite our friends to join with us in this venture, as we introduce a whole new generation of faith-filled people from every conceivable circumstance to share in the power and the spiritual potential of scared song.  With gratitude and warmth.” Dan Paulos

Thank You - December 25, 2011

Thank you everyone for your loving feedback.
It is you who complete the circle of creating music by being there to receive the music and images and have them speak to you in a meaningful way. Then I know I am doing the right thing, my work in service on the planet.
I am grateful for you.



Winter Solstice Musings - December 21, 2011

It is the winter solstice. The shortest time of sunlight and the longest darkness of the year (at least in this hemisphere, at this latitude). Knowing, of course, that somewhere else on earth it is summer, or endless daylight. Such a subjective geocentric reality I find myself in.

I feel strongly the conditions of the darkness: loneliness, melancholy, isolation – I feel as if I am standing as Shakespeare said on a “sterile promontory”, where the influence of the cold and darkness of space are most prominent to my inner vision and hearing.

I sense a stillness, a quietude, a place where my soul can commune with nature, the cosmos, the prime mover of it all.

Beautiful music has been coming readily to me as I sit and play a glorious Baldwin grand piano. I haven’t been recording it. It is like a Navajo sand painting or Tibetan sand mandala. Only known and perceived in the moment of its completion and then it is gone. As William Blake wrote “He who binds to himself a joy doth the winged life destroy. But he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in Eternity’s sunrise.”

The piano has been teaching me and the more time I spend with it the deeper the explorations go. Discovering richer and more elegant chords. As the man in Manhattan said to the lost visitor asking for directions “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The man replied, “Practice”.

I will light a candle and sit quietly in contemplation to honor the light that will return slowly about 2 minutes a day. And simply be and honor what I feel and be grateful for the insights that are revealed.

Good Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah….

Prayers for peace on earth this season and always.


In Recording Studio Today - December 9, 2011

Continuing work on the song "Let There Be Peace". have added viola and violin with Laurel Thomsen and began the final mix. It's wonderful to be working in the studio with ace engineer, Justin Mayer (Bear Creek Studio). I love using the timbres of the different instruments as sound colors on a palate to create sonic paintings.

In Recording Studio This Week - October 9, 2011

I'm working in the studio on a song written by Miriam Therese Winder of the Medical Mission Sisters, called "Let There Be Peace" It is part of a multi-disc project called Sacred Folk Songs. I have been invited to participate and have already laid down the guitar, piano and vocal tracks. Last week added cello by Barry Phillips and will be working with Daniel Young on trumpet this week.

More details later...

View Buddy Comfort Videos on Buddy's FaceBook Page - September 20, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. - May 6, 2011

Just received this in an email from a friend. I believe it is very timely. 'I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.'  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wings of the Heart Singing Circle last night - April 11, 2011

I was invited to the Pacific Coast Church in Pacific Grove to lead the Second Sunday Singing Circle there.

A group of beautiful souls sat in a circle and sang chants and songs in honor of our individual spirits in the context of the Great Spirit.

Chants and songs that spoke of prayer, guidance, healing, and gratitude came forth guided by Spirit.

Thank you!

The movie "I Am" - April 11, 2011

Saw the movie "I Am" directed by the man who had Hollywood success with Ace Ventura, Dr. Doolittle and more, and all the physical possessions that go with it.

After he had a life altering accident he set out to make a documentary. He interviews Noam Chomsky, Coleman Barks, Thom Hartman, Howard Zinn, the Heartmath Institute, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Bishop Desmond Tutu, his own father, and others and asks them; "what's wrong with the world and what we can do to make it better?"

It is a fascinating, heartfelt and encouraging look at human existence, compassion, the common good, abnormal norms and the interconnectedness of everything in the Universe. Highly recommended.

I believe in the human heart - March 26, 2011

I believe in the human heart as the center fire of our spiritual existence in a human body on the earth plane. That as we all breathe to live, these are our common connections around the globe. And in the peaceful centered mind in our hearts breathing in gratitude we connect with our common source, which has many names. And through this prayerfulness we can reach others in compassion and hold them safely, and guide our way to peace upon the earth in the winds of grace.


I believe in walking the beauty way in service to others, and singing universal songs and chants to bring all together in peace, joy, love, beauty and light.


Buddy Comfort

Peace - December 24, 2010


Peace is a state of the heart that is steady when all that rushes in from the mind of the worldly pulls us and distracts us from that which is inherently ours. A connection with the Divine, the Universal, the stillness that is always available to us if we but remember – to follow the breath as it comes in and goes out. Watch the breath’s independent ebbing and flowing to connect our bodies, hearts and minds with the unlimited present. It is knowing that now between the past and future is all that is real, is expandable and accessible if we but take the time to sit, to be, to connect with Source in love and beauty in the silence. The stilled and quiet mind can manifest peace in this dimension.

Buddy Comfort

The movie, "The King's Speech" - December 15, 2010

Has all the right ingredients. Caring, friendship, honesty, heart, willingness to let go of a story and position, overcoming a major obstacle, creativity, whimsy. A superb cast and an inspirational message.

Highly recommended.

Autumn and Indian Summer in November - November 15, 2010

After an early couple of good soaking rains in October, we have had unusually sunny and warm days.

Even the crickets are singing at night almost until dawn. I'm hearing one lone frog tentatively croaking as I write.

Listening to the night sounds I am reminded that Bach's composition, "Sheep May Safely Graze" most notably incorporates the rhythm of the crickets.

More later.

Summer and the beginning of a new recording - June 19, 2010

The summer solstice is here and the days are long and glorious. Thank you! Working on a new recording at Bear Creek Studios near Santa Cruz. Have some basic tracks (guitar, piano and voice) laid down of “All Go Together”, “No Greater Gift”, “Illusion”, “Be in the Present”, a piano solo from 2005 on a Hamburg Steinway, and some great solo zither (angel harp). I’ve been going through the archives of old tapes and discovered a concert at the Network Coffee House, “The Unicorn Concert” in San Francisco in 1978. With Shawkie Roth on alto sax and Steve Coughlin on soprano sax and clarinet, plus David Fromer on guitar and vocal harmonies. These are songs that have never been released. I’ve converted them to digital and will make them available on a compilation archive album and as free downloads (more later). I’m inviting some fantastic local musicians here in Santa Cruz to come into the studio with me. I’m excited about offering some new (and old) music for everyone. It’s the beginning stages and I know it will be great. Will keep you updated. New features on the website: I've started a blog and am talking about sound and silence in the context of sound healing. You are invited to share your thoughts. There is also a new "Lyrics" page to see and copy lyrics of the songs on "Brother Sun Sister Moon" and upcoming recordings. Let me know what you think. Would love to hear from you. Blessings, Buddy

Spring and Healing. - March 26, 2010

Spring with its glorious sunshine and warm days are intermingled with the last days of winter’s cold wind and showers. The air is sweet with acacia, wild lilac, broom and plum blossoms. All the hills are a lush green and the meadows are sprinkled and carpeted with golden, pink and blue and purple flowers. Trees are bursting forth with new leaf buds, and the doves and mockingbirds are building nests in the mimosa trees. I am grateful and happy to be alive. My heart is filled with joy and love. My body is healing with so much help and love from an amazing healer and Gi Gung Teacher, ShuLei Tong, in Santa Cruz, CA.

I had had constant pain in my shoulders for over a year. I went to the chiropractor who could only give me temporary relief with an adjustment. One night the pain was so excruciating that I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with tendonitis given pain pills and sent home. I had very little mobility in both shoulders and arms and my posture was becoming more and more hunched over and contracted. I was becoming depressed from the pain, lethargic, overweight and addicted to sugar. I was in too much pain to play my guitar and my singing voice was constricted.

On my first visit to ShuLei I experienced over 80% relief from the pain in my shoulders. and an increased mobility. She was able to locate the causes that other practitioners had not been able to assess. She is a master at finding the true root causes of maladies in the body and knowing what corrective restorative techniques to use from her vast experience and unique synthesis of ancient and advanced healing modalities. On subsequent visits she identified other areas relating to post surgical trauma in my neck and an old injury in the sacroiliac area. She also helped me release a congested area in my diaphragm and related spinal connections. She also recommended the appropriate nutritional supplements to compliment her treatments and the healing process.

I have had two follow-up sessions. And in only two months I am now pain free standing straight, losing weight, lost my craving for sugar and have an abundance of energy.

ShuLei Tong’s treatments enabled me to continue playing my instruments pain free and opened up my singing voice again.

I highly recommend ShuLei Healing Arts to any one.

Rain and Avatar - January 25, 2010

We've had a good week or two of groundwater-aquafer replenishing and soaking rain for plant growth now and hopefully later through the dry summer. Still catching up from several years of drought and less than normal rainfall here on the Central Coast of California.
The waves have been high and the younger harbor seals have had to swim harder through the windy storms. You can see their snouts peeking up through the surface of the bay as they catch their breath and search for land upon which to rest for awhile. They are fun to watch as they scoot up to sleep with their families on the protected beach. They effort more on land than in their element of fluid with which they merge so easily.
Lots of herring gulls, western gulls, Herman's gulls, and Brandt's cormorants along the shore now. Brown pelicans in loose chevrons glide majestically just above the waves, great and snowy egrets stand on the lofty kelp canopy in their Zen stillness watching for a meal. Also observed the occasional sea otter rolling and floating while feasting. (saw a raft of around 30 of them at Elkhorn Slough last week).

Watched the 3-D version of AVATAR recently and was drawn into its beauty and harmonious flow. This film describes very well the inextricably connected web of Spirit and all life in the universe. This in juxtaposition to the greedy bully military- corporate machine that invades a planet to grab/steal the resources of others while destroying and dehumanizing noble life to rationalize what they do.
And then, when the life they are destroying fights back to defend itself and what they hold dear, they are labeled "insurgents" by the invader.
Then the invader sees itelf as the "victim" and postures that it doesn't understand why it should be "hated" so by the ones it invaded.
(Sounds familiar - who invaded the Native Americans to steal all, and most recently the Middle East to steal their oil?)

Sending prayers for peace, grace, healing and harmony among all life.

Winter is Here for now and beauty always - December 2, 2009

As we approach the shortest day and longest night of the year we again light candles to remind us of the light that is always inside and around us.
The patch of warm sunny days and cold nights has left the coast for now.
Looking for more rain in another dry year.

Walked in an old growth pine forest at about 1000 feet above the Monterey Bay with bird soaring vistas and sat with a grandfather/grandmother tree and was shown some sorrow in my heart that surfaced in tears and was released in gratitude.

Prayers for peace on earth this season and always.

The Charter for Compassion - November 22, 2009

Was the soloist Sunday morning, at the Center for Spiritual Living in Monterey, and Rev. Liz Mirante’s inspiring talk was "Kindness is my Religion" with an emphasis on the Golden Rule. I sang the Prayer of St. Francis and was reminded to live life in service to others, for therein lies the way to our own happiness and a world lifted from anger, resentment and injustice.

She introduced us to the Charter for Compassion

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical, and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and put another there, and to honour the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equality and respect.

It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and emphatically from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to impoverish exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating others – even our enemies – is a denial of our common humanity. We acknowledge that we have failed to live compassionately and that some have increased the sum of human misery in the name of religion.

We therefore call upon all men and women - to restore compassion to the center of morality and religion – to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate – to insure that youth are given accurate and respectful information about other traditions, religions and cultures – to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity – to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings, even those regarded as enemies.

We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries. Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment, and indispensable to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community.

Private Concert - November 7, 2009

Gave a concert for the 42nd Anniversary Party of Del Mesa retirement community in Carmel. Performed mostly original songs, including ‘Unicorn’, ‘Moon Over Hanalei’, "Galadriel’, ‘No Greater Gift, on guitar with Laurel Thomsen accompanying me on violin and viola. Sang and played guitar, piano, hurdy gurdy, and zither (angel harp). We also performed some Celtic fiddle tunes, 'King of the Fairies' and ‘Si Beg Si Mohr’, also 'The Bonnie Banks of Doon' and ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ (hurdy gurdy and violin). And some popular favorites “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and “The Rose”.

It was a very warm, appreciative and discerning audience. A pleasure.

Fall Has Made Itself Known - September 17, 2009

Fall Has Made Itself Known. It appeared suddenly with a little rain at night and a drop in temperature on that foggy day. It left as suddenly leaving an echo as it left "I'll be back". And then it is the glorious sunny time of September here along the coast.

Summer is here and more music is being born - June 5, 2009

Irises, daisies, cosmos and golden dandelions bloom all around my little home.
The air is fresh with the ocean breezes as the sun burns off the morning fog.

I am working on funding proposals for the next three albums. I'm deeply immersed in listening to creative guidance about how to assemble the collections of songs already born and waiting to be recorded and shared with all of you. I have been blessed with supporting and inspirational angels and golden hearts who have heard the music and know it must be shared. As I balance the need for patience and the need to take action to allow these projects to come to fruition.
Blessings to all.
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