I listened to “An Ancient Muse” by Loreena McKennitt again last night. Her recording gives us a profound and universal message of timeless hope and loving courage across the ages in its exquisite blend of cultures, unique musical instruments, virtuosity and poetical lyrics.

Ms. McKennitt has been tracing the history of the Celts and other cultures traveling to places like Delphi, Istanbul, Anatolia, China, Marrakesh, Venice, Granada……discovering riches of stories, poems, books and music spanning centuries from which she has masterfully woven her magical tapestries in her recordings: “An Ancient Muse” as well as “The Book of Secrets” and “The Mask and Mirror”

She is a seasoned troubadour whose crystal evocative voice, Celtic harp and piano take us deeply into mythical worlds. The ensemble of musicians she has gathered around her is world class and provides a seemingly fathomless array of subtle tone colors from which to draw. Her musical settings of ballads and poems by St. Augustine, Sir Walter Scott, Alfred Doves… with each repeated listening still bring my heart to tears from their beauty. Her own lyrics place her firmly among the mystical poets of old. Always in reverence to our earth mother and nature, her music consistently moves me.





  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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