Here on the west coast in the middle of a four year drought, we have had two soaking rains in the last few weeks. We need an above average rainy season (California - from November through April), this year and the next two years after to replenish the extremely depleted water table. Then we can breathe easier.

I am grateful and hopeful. In the meantime conserving water and encouraging local communities to set up home and business water cachement systems and reservoirs (where non-detrimental to the environment).

We can be grateful for what we have, diligent about what is needed and truthful in all (no hidden agendas please).

The deep blue skies have been masterfully sketched with every type of cloud formation over the even deeper blue bay.

A pod of around fifteen humpback whales came into the bay a few months ago following large schools of anchovies that were seeking waters cooler  closer into shore than the warming deep Pacific.

They were spouting, diving with flukes aloft and sometimes jumping out of the water (breaching) and crashing sideways back in. It was the most magnificent whale experience I have ever had.

A few weeks later there were literally 1,000 pelicans and other shorebirds diving furiously for a bounty of swimming food in a cove near where I live for an entire afternoon.

Amazing sights yet reminders of unprecedented changes in the Earth's climate in our lifetime .




PS desalinization plants are not the answer (to be continued)


  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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