Since moving to my new home I have been opening long stored musty boxes, and discovering cards and letters from past loves and friends, journals, photos, drawings, notes from classes on herbs and natural healing, some old concert flyers and revues of my recordings. It’s like an archeological dig, memory lane, Christmas and my birthday all in one.

Among these is a gem from a dear soul who left us too soon a few decades ago.

Will Noffke had a radio show, “New Horizons” in Berkeley. He also had a meeting place for inspirational talks and music, “Shared Visions”. I would like to share his revue of Brother Sun, Sister Moon:

“Grace Notes:

 On his newest release, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Buddy Comfort plumbs the depths of his heart to touch ours. In the true troubadour tradition he tells a tale. This is not a tale of mundane events or sentimental romance, but a story of the yearning of a soul seeking to consciously know itself. This is an ode to the spirit of St. Francis, to simplicity of lifestyle, compassion for humanity, and union with nature. The inclusion of three seldom heard songs composed by Donovan for Franco Zeffirelli’s transcendent film is cause for celebration in itself, but the great gift is that these gems are impeccably set and matched by stunning original jewels, creating a total work of art expressing the theme of unconditional love. This album takes you beyond concerns of the moment and into the infinite quietude, alone with the beloved.”





  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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