After living for several years in a rustic mountain place near Bonnie Doon in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I have been blessed with the opportunity to move to a new home (affordable rental) in a sleepy coastal town on the Monterey Bay.

There is so much grace in my life. The unit became a reality after a 3-year waiting list, and the generosity of a dear friend.

Seagulls and doves visit on my roof and I can walk along the water accompanied by ground squirrels, who are too used to junk food given by picknicking families at Lover's Point. One even climbed up the outside of my pant leg looking for a treat. I told him to go forage for healthy natural stuff he's supposed to eat.

Majestic chevrons of pelicans glide overhead and cormorants dive for fish. Dolphins occasionally come by as sea otters swim on their backs while eating or carrying their babies. I saw a mother and her young pup playing together in the kelp forest. Another otter was napping on his back in the sun anchored to the kelp to keep from floating away.  Snowy egrets, light in weight, stand on the surface of the water on the canopy of the kelp forest motionless and patient waiting for a fish.

Went to the aquarium and saw a magnificent otherworldly display of jellyfish. Such living beings in complete harmonious movement with their watery environment renews a sense of wonder about the mystery of the universe. Another fluid intelligence of the dreamy shadows is the octopus.

A fledgling gull still with some down, had fallen from the roof nest, and was wandering around for days on the ground. The mother and father plus two other relatives were feeding it, keeping watch and chasing off danger. However, one day I noticed its leg was injured and its wing was drooping. Thinking of raccoons and foxes from the nearby forest, I called the SPCA Wild Bird rescue folks, who are now caring for it until it can be released back into the wild.

I'm still playing and writing music. Was able to transfer songs from master tapes of my first, out of print album, and will be offering it soon as a digital download album. More to come....

May all be merry, healthy and prosperous.



  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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