We've had a good week or two of groundwater-aquafer replenishing and soaking rain for plant growth now and hopefully later through the dry summer. Still catching up from several years of drought and less than normal rainfall here on the Central Coast of California. The waves have been high and the younger harbor seals have had to swim harder through the windy storms. You can see their snouts peeking up through the surface of the bay as they catch their breath and search for land upon which to rest for awhile. They are fun to watch as they scoot up to sleep with their families on the protected beach. They effort more on land than in their element of fluid with which they merge so easily. Lots of herring gulls, western gulls, Herman's gulls, and Brandt's cormorants along the shore now. Brown pelicans in loose chevrons glide majestically just above the waves, great and snowy egrets stand on the lofty kelp canopy in their Zen stillness watching for a meal. Also observed the occasional sea otter rolling and floating while feasting. (saw a raft of around 30 of them at Elkhorn Slough last week). Watched the 3-D version of AVATAR recently and was drawn into its beauty and harmonious flow. This film describes very well the inextricably connected web of Spirit and all life in the universe. This in juxtaposition to the greedy bully military- corporate machine that invades a planet to grab/steal the resources of others while destroying and dehumanizing noble life to rationalize what they do. And then, when the life they are destroying fights back to defend itself and what they hold dear, they are labeled "insurgents" by the invader. Then the invader sees itelf as the "victim" and postures that it doesn't understand why it should be "hated" so by the ones it invaded. (Sounds familiar - who invaded the Native Americans to steal all, and most recently the Middle East to steal their oil?) Sending prayers for peace, grace, healing and harmony among all life.


  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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