Sending prayers for peace, truth telling, and owning that truth by all sides of every conflict in the Middle East.
Shining the light on the shadows and denial. Own what is ours within and respect all life on this beautiful planet, our home.
Let's all make a priority for ourselves to live with all others in respect and honest communication.
Those who profit from selling  products of destruction to all sides, please search your souls about what you do.
We can be creative in our prosperity and hold a vision for the future of our children's, children's, children's children's, children's, children's children.
Let us not destroy our home in shortsighedness, greed, selfishness, fear, anger, hatred, hunger for power, and self importance.
May we be courageous enough to forgive and may we recognize and be grateful for the most subtle of gifts.  May love and healing be our art.


  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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