I saw a greeting card someone had sent me years ago. It posed the question: "Why can angels fly"? And gave the answer: "Because they take themselves lightly".

Feeling the changes being brought about by more and more light, as it is poured into the Earth and her learning souls by light beings in other dimensions.

Also eating good wholesome organic (sustainably grown) food, drinking filtered water and breathing clean air in gratitude.  Getting plenty of hugs and walking everyday while taking myself lightly, and singing as much as possible. A formula for good health, I believe.

It's spring cleaning time: internal cleansing and getting into those cabinets under the sink, and the medicine cabinet, and eliminating all toxic body care and cleaning products. There are many body friendly products at you natural food store. How much is your good health worth?

Bringing all into consciousness and mindfulness, and separated parts of my life into a harmonized whole.

Good in all ways for all.




  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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