The summer solstice is here and the days are long and glorious. Thank you! Working on a new recording at Bear Creek Studios near Santa Cruz. Have some basic tracks (guitar, piano and voice) laid down of “All Go Together”, “No Greater Gift”, “Illusion”, “Be in the Present”, a piano solo from 2005 on a Hamburg Steinway, and some great solo zither (angel harp). I’ve been going through the archives of old tapes and discovered a concert at the Network Coffee House, “The Unicorn Concert” in San Francisco in 1978. With Shawkie Roth on alto sax and Steve Coughlin on soprano sax and clarinet, plus David Fromer on guitar and vocal harmonies. These are songs that have never been released. I’ve converted them to digital and will make them available on a compilation archive album and as free downloads (more later). I’m inviting some fantastic local musicians here in Santa Cruz to come into the studio with me. I’m excited about offering some new (and old) music for everyone. It’s the beginning stages and I know it will be great. Will keep you updated. New features on the website: I've started a blog and am talking about sound and silence in the context of sound healing. You are invited to share your thoughts. There is also a new "Lyrics" page to see and copy lyrics of the songs on "Brother Sun Sister Moon" and upcoming recordings. Let me know what you think. Would love to hear from you. Blessings, Buddy


  • 12/13/2019
    Julia's Vegetarian Resturaunt - Pacific Grove, CA


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