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Brother Sun Sister Moon - CD

Brother Sun Sister Moon CD cover - Buddy ComfortThis recording is dedicated to the vision of peace and reverence for all life inspired by St. Francis of Assisi.

Features the Donovan tunes from the Zeffirelli film, “Brother Sun Sister Moon, with the addition of “The Prayer of St. Francis”, and original compositions “St. Francis and the Eagle”, "I Love My Life", "Love is the Night", and the bells of Assisi ringing on Christmas morning. 

Will appeal to those who are inspired in their hearts by the message of St. Francis. This is music to wrap around you like a warm blanket. Great for healing, massage and lullabies, and to help you through troubled times.

A perfect gift for all occasions of the heart of Spirit.

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Angels in Embryo - Download

Angels in Embryo cover - Buddy Comfort

Affirms the potential nature of humankind.

Features vocals and guitar by Buddy Comfort,

soprano sax by Stephen Huzur Coughlin, and viola by Lorraine Hunt.

original song by Sky Sulamyth / Lyrical and melodic adaptation by Buddy Comfort.

Originally released on the Hearts of Space label in 1981 on the Album "Buddy Comfort, (Mythical Beauty)”

‘The only way we can hope to describe Buddy is to wax somewhat poetic. He is a alchemical balladeer whose voice glows with the golden warmth of the sun and silver serenity of moonlight. His vision embraces the majesty of the Earth and the mystery of the Cosmos. He weaves inner and outer space into a tapestry of unity. With the magic of mythical Merlin he heralds the dawn of a new age, touching and healing body, mind, and spirit with love and reverence for all creation. With sublime lyrical sound he reminds us of that which we truly know in the depths of silence.”

Will Noffke

New Horizons Radio / Shared Visions Berkeley, CA

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