What If You Knew Someone Who...?

What if you knew someone who lied all the time about most things to make you think he accomplished something he did not, or had certain attributes which he did not. Or repeated the same lie hundreds of times in the media to get you to believe something that definitely was not true. Or says something about someone else that is cruel and not true simply because they questioned his integrity. And if questioned about the untruth or insult said, “I didn’t say that” or “I was only kidding”. (This is called a pathological liar.) 

What if you knew someone who didn’t care about you or your needs at all, but only cared about what he can get for himself no matter the cost to others and his community, his country or the world? (this is called a sociopath). 

What if you knew someone who only cared about looking good and being admired and in the spotlight and would lie, cheat and steal to stay there? (this is called a narcissist). 

What if you knew someone who looked down upon and insulted certain groups of people, and encouraged hatred and violence against them? (this is called a racist and white supremacist) . 

What if you knew someone who really didn’t respect women, and felt the right to grope them whenever he wanted. Or would insult them and cause them to lose their jobs if they stood up for themselves. What if you knew someone who would have sex with call girls while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to his child? (this is called a misogynist). 

What if you knew someone who was given $400 million dollars by his daddy, yet who went bankrupt so many times that the banks wouldn’t lend him any money for his construction projects and ventures. Someone who then turned to wealthy Russian oligarchs to get the money in return for laundering money illegally for them. What if you knew someone who didn’t pay contractors on his construction projects who provided services to him in good faith. But he made false claims against them so he wouldn’t have to pay them. (this is called an inept business man) Someone who his own personal attorney characterized as “a mobster”. 

What if you knew someone who if he didn’t get his way would threaten, coerce and try to destroy his opponent (this is called a bully). 

What if you knew someone who would never admit that he was wrong, or take responsibility for or apologize for things he had done, but consistently blames others instead.  Someone who is not interested in any kind of honest self assessment and healthy personal growth. 

What if you knew someone who doesn’t believe that the earth’s climate is changing in the face of overwhelming  global scientific consensus about;  increasing worldwide droughts, floods, violent hurricanes, tornados and storms, record breaking fires, melting ice caps and glaciers, and the hottest summers on record in both hemispheres. Who claims to not believe because it would harm the profits of his benefactors in the coal, oil, gas and other fossil fuel industries. Who also uses his power to dismantle treaties, agencies and strategies that would intelligently meet this crisis and begin to reverse the tragic impacts. 

What if you knew someone who with knowledge of a global pandemic (COVID-19) took no preemptive action, and pretended it didn’t exist. Who began to dismantle the agencies and discredit the physicians who are established and capable of mobilizing to meet this crisis. Someone who let it spread, sicken and kill millions of people in this country alone. 

What if you knew someone who took an oath of office to uphold and preserve the Constitution of the USA, yet has systematically been knowingly engaged to destroy it. 

What if you knew someone in the most powerful office on the planet who claims to know everything about everything that he needs to, yet is in fact ignorant and not interested in learning anything about what it takes to be that person with that power. 

(All this this is called a criminal). 

This is only a small part of the story. 

His name is Donald Trump. Much of this has happened while he has been president, a representative, of the people of the United States of America. 

This is all because Donald Trump comes first, everything else is secondary and of no importance. What he would be most interested in, is becoming America’s first Dictator. 

Why on earth would anyone want to vote for someone like that? 

                        --Buddy Comfort--

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