In the Recording Studio

I am currently in the recording studio working on my next release "In the Heart of All"

There are nine songs in different states of completion.

Just finished adding great tracks by Dave Holodiloff on mandola and mandolin. Adding bass…


Walking in Nature

I was at Garland Park in Carmel Valley on a warm overcast day. Hiked up to see the waterfall. On the way a deer crossed my path in a calm way focused on things to eat. Walked past meadows of…


Finally Some Rain, Thankyou!

Here on the west coast in the middle of a four year drought, we have had two soaking rains in the last few weeks. We need an above average rainy season (California - from November through April), this year and…


George Harrison and the Tao Te Ching

I was reading a passage from the Tao Te Ching and was reminded of a song by George Harrison, “The Inner Light”.

I listened to it again and discovered that George was probably reading the same passage and was inspired…


Animal Communication

Reading “Kinship With All Life” by J. Allen Boone again after many years. I am seeing it through new eyes and understanding the depth of what he is teaching about animal communication.

 It begins with his relationship with Strongheart, a…


Special Shipping on" Brother Sun Sister Moon" CD

Hi Everyone,


Long time. Hope this autumn finds you filled with peace of mind and heart.


If you order my CD, “Brother Sun Sister Moon” today, Mon. Dec.1st through Wed, Dec. 3rd,  at the CD Baby store you…


An Ancient Muse

I listened to “An Ancient Muse” by Loreena McKennitt again last night. Her recording gives us a profound and universal message of timeless hope and loving courage across the ages in its exquisite blend of cultures, unique musical instruments, virtuosity…


Sunset and Pelicans

I went out to watch the sunset over Asilomar Beach. I stood facing the sliver of a new moon just as several flocks of pelicans glided directly over my head in groups of around 20 one right after the other.


Time and music

Groucho Marx used to say "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" and Kermit the frog says "Time's fun when you are having flies"

I'm happy to know you have enjoyed your time listening to my songs.


Spring cleansing and harmonization

I saw a greeting card someone had sent me years ago. It posed the question: "Why can angels fly"? And gave the answer: "Because they take themselves lightly".

Feeling the changes being brought about by more and more light, as…


It is a beautiful spring day in gratitude

The ice plant is blooming in psychlotropic color all along the bayside paths here in Pacific Grove. Saw two black oyster catchers mating. Communed with a beautiful western gull and a ground squirrel. Just sat and connected on a peaceful…