Let It Begin

A milestone, a shibboleth, a guidepost, a reminder of the passage of illusory time is here again. 

Let’s envision and create a life for ourselves, families, communities and the world: that embraces compassion, love, truth, fairness, peace, respect for all life, play, creativity and wonder in the mystery. 

Embracing nature’s wisdom balance with healthy expanding forests, pristine oceans, lakes and rivers, clean food, soil, water and air, wholeness, sustainable living, health and prosperity for all in all ways here on our blue green jewel of a planet. 

A message from Paramahansa Yogananda: 

 “Let us forget the sorrows of the past and make up our mind not to dwell on them in the New Year. With determination and unflinching will, let us renew our lives, our good habits, and our successes. If the past year has been hopelessly bad, the New Year must be hopefully good.” 

“With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open, and I shall move through them to vaster fields, where my worthwhile dreams of life will be fulfilled.”

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