And They Awoke in The Garden

And they awoke in the garden that was invoked through the prayers statements and whisperings of “I love you” from the humans to the plants every morning, afternoon, and evening for thousands of years. 

The vibrancy of the life in all that was there was palpable and felt by anyone sitting in this paradise of greens; every hue of green and blue with overtones of purple and violet. Yellow light was coursing through the veins of all growing living entities and reflected in the golden throats of warblers, nightingales, meadowlarks, mockingbirds, sparrows, phoebes and thrushes. 

All fragrances of night blooming jasmine, lilacs, wisteria, roses, willows, redwoods, bay laurel, pines, wild sage, and sweet grasses blended in an ever changing wafting of scents from the most indiscernible to the threshold of olfactory ecstasy. 

The soft moist air caressed the cheeks of any who entered there. 

All these touches, colors, fragrances and sounds blended in nourishment for the body mind and soul-spirit. 

It was a place that felt like home, was home to any soul who entered there and it was only natural and filled with ease that it was so. 

For it was the energetic presence of love from and in all hearts that allowed it, manifested and sustained it. 

Healing was native to this place, and joy was its gift to all. 

All was nourished by pure waters bubbling up from filtering aquafers that had stored the pure rains that fell through the pristine air. 

I have been telling the only plant in my window that I love her every day. She told me all of these things I have been telling you. She has been telling me she likes the very first light in the morning and the very last light in the evening as well as the all day sun. Her new shoots and leaves and her vibrant growth are her statement to my senses, and a testimony to this. 

- Buddy Comfort – Pacific Grove - 1-31-21

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