From the recording In the Heart of All

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Buddy Comfort - vocals and guitar
Suellen Primost - cello


words and music by Buddy Comfort © 1980 / 2018 Laughing Tree Music (ASCAP)

Sweet beloved peace to find.
Elusive yet here all the time.
And her heart says to mine.
Love me as we laugh,
The freely winding path,
Through the chambers of the night,
To the joyous pulsing light, To the joyous pulsing light.

A dolphin silently glides.
A song to my spirit replies.
And her love sings to mine
Be yourself or die
Live your life and know why.
As on the wheel you spin
Eternity welcomes you in. As on the wheel you spin.

An eagle circling soars.
The ocean of life below roars,
And her soul cries to mine.
Know the reason why,
On earth you live and die,
And keep your spirit free,
Let your heart rely on me. Let your heart rely on me.

Through the veil we come.
After we’re born we run,
Where desires will.
A glimpse of life renews,
Through illusion’s clouded views,
Our Spirit’s clearer sight,
Of the all-surrounding light. Of the all-surrounding light.