From the recording In the Heart of All

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words and music by Buddy Comfort ©

Buddy Comfort - vocals, piano. guitar, synth
Rick Chelew - acoustic bass
Gary Meek - flute
John Nava - congas , hand percussion
Steve Uccello - electric bass


Halleluiah War is Over
Words and music by Buddy Comfort © 2009/2013

All the people were singin’
All the bells were bringin’
Joy to every girl and boy.

All the lights were brighter.
Every heart was lighter
From good news that war was done.

All the people breathed deeply,
Feeling freedom completely.
As dark clouds lifted from the world.

(Many angels drew nearer
All hopes (dreams) grew clearer
As the bright sun bathed the earth.)

Halleluia war is over
Halleluia war is done
Halleluia peace before us
Halleluia peace begun.

Ya fatah war is over…
Shalom war is over….
Mir war us over…
(Pingam war is over…
Asalam war is over…
Om Shanti war is over…)

(Hari Krishna war is over
Krishna Krishna war is done
Hari Rama peace before us
Rama Rama peace begun.)

(We can have the world in peace, if we hold it in our heart
Believe and treat the world with love, that’s the place to start)