What do you eat? 

During a retreat at Esalen Institute Alan Watts was asked what type of diet he followed. Since he was a philosopher of eastern thought and a man of wisdom, some guessed, perhaps it might be a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet. His reply was. “I only eat three kinds of foods; the gourmet cooking of the French, Chinese and Japanese.” 

Today  I want to clarify some words that many might be confused about or are using incorrectly. These words such as meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore…

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New species of bear 

As the arctic north pole ice begins to recede more and more each summer in its hemisphere, the wild creatures there have been forced to make unprecedented adjustments to survive. 

Polar bears who rely on the ice fields to hunt and raise their young, have been challenged more each year to swim longer distances between the scattered floating ice that remains. 

 With the melting of the permafrost the polar bear and northern grizzly populations are now coming into closer contact. There has been a mating of the…

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the sanity of humanity 

In Nature's wild places lies the preservation of the sanity of humankind. It is our responsibility as human beings to insure that preservation. To insure that preservation, not only for ourselves but for all life on Earth.

Illusion Illumination Tolkein and the Garden of Eden 

Someone asked ‘what do you mean by?’  “Every sound we make creates a new universe of itself, perhaps brief to us, but eternal to those within it”  

What I want to share is:  it is important to create beautiful, spherical, rich, warm, loving sounds. Sounds that reverberate their love, beauty, peace, harmony, light, and joy throughout this creation, parallel creations, and all new creations. So that this becomes the nature of the creation and all who dwell within it. 

In J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Simarillian” the…

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Eight sentences that can change the world:  the power of the spoken chanted word 

May I be Well 
May I be Happy 
May I know Love 
May I know Peace 

May you be Well 
May you be Happy 
May you know Love 
May you know Peace 

Start out by holding your right hand over the center of your chest, then place your left hand over your right one and gently hug your chest.  Then say the above sentences.   Think of yourself as you say the "May I ..."  Think first of a loved one as you say the "May you..." Then to cleanse your heart, think of someone who has caused you pain or distress and repeat the "May…

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And They Awoke in The Garden  

And they awoke in the garden that was invoked through the prayers statements and whisperings of “I love you” from the humans to the plants every morning, afternoon, and evening for thousands of years. 

The vibrancy of the life in all that was there was palpable and felt by anyone sitting in this paradise of greens; every hue of green and blue with overtones of purple and violet. Yellow light was coursing through the veins of all growing living entities and reflected in the golden throats of warblers…

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Let It Begin 

A milestone, a shibboleth, a guidepost, a reminder of the passage of illusory time is here again. 

Let’s envision and create a life for ourselves, families, communities and the world: that embraces compassion, love, truth, fairness, peace, respect for all life, play, creativity and wonder in the mystery. 

Embracing nature’s wisdom balance with healthy expanding forests, pristine oceans, lakes and rivers, clean food, soil, water and air, wholeness, sustainable living, health and prosperity for all in all…

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Musicians from around the world playing together on 'The Weight" by Robbie Robertson. 

Here is a link to a music video with Ringo Starr, Robbie Robertson and musicians from around the world playing "The Weight":(Playing For Change):

 It's a good prototype for a vision of cooperation.. Music is, indeed, the universal language. I would like to believe that people who care, have creativity, compassion, an open heart, an attitude of working and playing together, sharing and giving are in the majority on the planet (especially the children).

(paste in your browser)…

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Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace 

The Prayer of St. Francis 

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace, 

Where there is hatred let me so love. 

Where there is injury, pardon 

Where there is doubt, faith 

Where there is despair, hope 

And where there is darkness, light. 

Where there is sadness, sadness joy. 

Oh Divine Master grant that I may not 

So much seek to be consoled as to console. 

To be understood as to understand 

To be loved as to love. 

For it’s in giving that we receive 

And it’s in pardoning that we are pardoned. 

And it’s in…

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What If You Knew Someone Who...? 

What if you knew someone who lied all the time about most things to make you think he accomplished something he did not, or had certain attributes which he did not. Or repeated the same lie hundreds of times in the media to get you to believe something that definitely was not true. Or says something about someone else that is cruel and not true simply because they questioned his integrity. And if questioned about the untruth or insult said, “I didn’t say that” or “I was only kidding”. (This is called a…

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