What On Earth Are We Eating? 

During a retreat at Esalen Institute Alan Watts was asked what type of diet he followed. Since he was a philosopher of eastern thought and a man of wisdom, some guessed, perhaps it might be a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet. His reply was. “I only eat three kinds of foods; the gourmet cooking of the French, Chinese and Japanese.” Who knew? 

To have clear and accurate communication with each other, it is important to understand the definitions and the correct usage of words. For example in Italian, pesca…

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“I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days…” Kabir  

“I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days…” Kabir 

I've spent much of my life, especially when I was younger, just sitting and looking, or just sitting or lying down listening. Just sitting by a stream and being in the sound and movement of the moment of the water.  Just being, listening to human music and nature sounds; sacred choral, Bach cello, joyful birds, feathers moving in air, rustlings, crickets, frogs, the sigh of a dog. a fish bubble, wind in the grasses, silence. 


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I Know You're Real 

Here's a video by the group Gunhill Road.  I'd really like to share it with you. It's about how life is inextricably connected here on Earth on the inner and the outer dimensions.

"I Know You're Real" 




Weapons are the tools of violence. All decent men detest them. 

Weapons are the tools of violence; 

All decent men detest them. 

Weapons are the tools of fear: 

A decent man will avoid them 

Except in the direst necessity 

And, if compelled, will use them 

only with the utmost restraint. 

Peace is the highest value. 

If the peace has been shattered, 

how can he be content? 

His enemies are not demons, 

but human beings like himself. 

He doesn’t wish them personal harm. 

Nor does he rejoice in victory. 

How could he rejoice in victory 

And delight in the slaughter of…

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Winter Solstice Message 

As the shortest day in this hemisphere approaches with the winter solstice   

I feel myself being still and reflecting upon where I am in my life physically, emotionally and with Spirit.

I feel myself on the promontory of earth spinning through space, the passage of time, and the possibilities of myself to heal that which troubles me. 

I pray that in these sacred times for each one, that peace of mind and heart and vibrant health will prevail around our precious blue green planet. 

May the forests be…

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New species of bear 

As the arctic north pole ice begins to recede more and more each summer in its hemisphere, the wild creatures there have been forced to make unprecedented adjustments to survive. 

Polar bears who rely on the ice fields to hunt and raise their young, have been challenged more each year to swim longer distances between the scattered floating ice that remains. 

 With the melting of the permafrost the polar bear and northern grizzly populations are now coming into closer contact. There has been a mating of the…

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the sanity of humanity 

In Nature's wild places lies the preservation of the sanity of humankind. It is our responsibility as human beings to insure that preservation. To insure that preservation, not only for ourselves but for all life on Earth.

Illusion Illumination, Tolkein, and the Garden of Eden 

Someone asked ‘what do you mean by?’  “Every sound we make creates a new universe of itself, perhaps brief to us, but eternal to those within it”  

What I want to share is:  it is important to create beautiful, spherical, rich, warm, loving sounds. Sounds that reverberate their love, beauty, peace, harmony, light, and joy throughout this creation, parallel creations, and all new creations. So that this becomes the nature of the creation and all who dwell within it. 

In J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Simarillian” the…

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Eight sentences that can change the world:  the power of the spoken chanted word 

May I be Well 
May I be Happy 
May I know Love 
May I know Peace 

May you be Well 
May you be Happy 
May you know Love 
May you know Peace 

Start out by holding your right hand over the center of your chest, then place your left hand over your right one and gently hug your chest.  Then say the above sentences.   Think of yourself as you say the "May I ..."  Think first of a loved one as you say the "May you..." Then to cleanse your heart, think of someone who has caused you pain or distress and repeat the "May…

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