Let It Begin 

A milestone, a shibboleth, a guidepost, a reminder of the passage of illusory time is here again. 

Let’s envision and create a life for ourselves, families, communities and the world: that embraces compassion, love, truth, fairness, peace, respect for all life, play, creativity and wonder in the mystery. 

Embracing nature’s wisdom balance with healthy expanding forests, pristine oceans, lakes and rivers, clean food, soil, water and air, wholeness, sustainable living, health and prosperity for all in all…

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Musicians from around the world playing together on 'The Weight" by Robbie Robertson. 

Here is a link to a music video with Ringo Starr, Robbie Robertson and musicians from around the world playing "The Weight":(Playing For Change):

 It's a good prototype for a vision of cooperation.. Music is, indeed, the universal language. I would like to believe that people who care, have creativity, compassion, an open heart, an attitude of working and playing together, sharing and giving are in the majority on the planet (especially the children).

(paste in your browser)…

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Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace 

The Prayer of St. Francis 

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace, 

Where there is hatred let me so love. 

Where there is injury, pardon 

Where there is doubt, faith 

Where there is despair, hope 

And where there is darkness, light. 

Where there is sadness, sadness joy. 

Oh Divine Master grant that I may not 

So much seek to be consoled as to console. 

To be understood as to understand 

To be loved as to love. 

For it’s in giving that we receive 

And it’s in pardoning that we are pardoned. 

And it’s in…

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What If You Knew Someone Who...? 

What if you knew someone who lied all the time about most things to make you think he accomplished something he did not, or had certain attributes which he did not. Or repeated the same lie hundreds of times in the media to get you to believe something that definitely was not true. Or says something about someone else that is cruel and not true simply because they questioned his integrity. And if questioned about the untruth or insult said, “I didn’t say that” or “I was only kidding”. (This is called a…

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All might seem overwhelming right now. 

All might seem overwhelming right now.

We will surely miss the judicial brilliance and courageous heart that was Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She was the embodiment of what a Supreme court justice should be or strive to be. Replacing her will be impossible without time and much scrutiny. It is an insult to all that is decent that Trump and McConnell are only interested in their own power. That they are ram-rodding mediocrity in the form of their own ideology, through in haste. 

Let us pray about it from the…

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In The Tempest of Life 

A poem to share:

In the tempest of life 

When the wild ego unfurls its sails 

Ripe with holes, 

Will the soul’s awareness crew 

Patch them or abandon ship, 

Trusting in the warmth of new waters, 

The presence of dolphins, 

And the absence of sharks? 

For all the times we learn and unlearn experiences 

We form a view of what we think the world is like, 

And our sense of self becomes dependent 

Upon addictions to air, water, mother’s milk, 

Later sugar, numbness drugs, and ego aggrandizing stimulants. 

Do we…

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Questions of the day 

To a cat one of the most pressing questions is “What happened to your lap when you stood up?” The answer might be “It became a shoulder, so I’ll go there”. 

A query by the Mad Hatter in C.S. Lewis’ classic story was “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” One can imagine all sorts of similarities (black ink in inkwell, raven’s black quill…) However, when this question was posed to an alien computer in an episode of Star Trek, the alien computer crashed! 

The question today is; “What is keeping me from my…

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To bring peace to your being and joy to your life. 

In the mystic spiral of God’s beautiful nature 

Is the balance and joy of singing waters 

May you hear these wonders and choirs of angels 

To bring peace to your being and joy to your life.

Peace is a state of heart 

Peace is a state of heart that is steady when all that rushes in from the mind of the worldly pulls us and distracts us from that which is inherently ours. A connection with the Divine, the Universal, the stillness that is always available to us if we but remember: To follow the breath as it comes in and goes out. Watch the breath’s independent ebbing and flowing to connect our bodies, hearts and minds with the unlimited present. It is knowing that, now, between the past and future is all that is real. Is…

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Affirmation for looking into the eyes of illness 

This came to me one morning and I want to share it with you:

"All the cells of my body are regenerating according to their original life-filled, vibrant, and perfect blueprint."