Like all Buddy Comfort's music, delicate, magical!



I've listened to some of your songs on Pandora and on your website. You are a gift to the world. 

I'm so glad that you are still creating music and sharing.  Keep doing what you're doing in this world. Your beautiful music and voice are planting seeds for generations to come.  Many Blessings

Gwenievere Marie,  Larkspur, CA


I have played your CD, “In the Heart of All” over and over. Listening to your singing and piano playing has brought such joy and gladness to me.  

Marilyn B.,  Pacific Grove, CA  


I have listened to your beautiful music (In the Heart of All CD) sung by such a peaceful voice. I thank you.  It’s so calming – almost holy.  

Stevie G.,  Pacific Grove, CA


I am listening to your song ("Let There Be Peace") over and over - and it thrills me more each time it plays, Thank you and thank God for your gifts to the world. 

--Dan P., NM--


Buddy's rendition ("Let There Be Peace"). It is so beautiful! So Sacred! So absolutely right. A prayer from the first note to the last... 

---Sister Miriam Therese Winter---


I still think "I Love My Life," sung by you, is one of the loveliest things I have ever heard.  Thank you Buddy.  

-Joanna S.,  Pacific Grove, CA-


Your music has made a huge impact on my life. I bought the first CD, Brother Sun, Sister Moon , several years ago and loved it. The new CD, In the Heart of All, is even better. You are an enlightened being and I appreciate how much you have contributed to the world. Keep up the good work.  

--Tammy J., Glasgow,Ky-


What a wonderful weekend at Susan’s Deeper Connections session. Your music elevated us to a higher level. When driving home from helping a new teacher, who was crying in her classroom, I popped in your CD (Brother sun Sister Moon). Thanks for your music. You are a gift to the Universe.

--Jeanmarie, Pacific Grove, CA--


We heard you play at Pacific Coast Church last week, and my husband bought one of your CDs (Brother Sun Sister Moon). We love it! This is a happy surprise because we have often purchased CD’s on the spur of the moment but haven’t been too happy with them. But your CD really surpassed our expectations and we’re sure it’s going to be one of our favorites. We especially love the bells and the overtones when you sing “soul” (What Wondrous Love is This). Very Inspired.

--Elsa and Terry, Pacific Grove, CA--


(Brother Sun, Sister Moon) One of the most beautiful and peaceful songs I've ever heard. I start to cry just about every time I hear and sing this. To me it helps describe what happens when you experience God and He touches your heart. 

--Penelope Anne C.--


 I've had the opportunity to listen to your CD (Brother Sun Sister Moon) several times since my return home (from Assisi).  Your music is so very soothing and healing, taking me to a peaceful place.  I clearly recognize through the music your love of life and of all the universe has to offer.  I'm grateful that you chose to share your talents and love of St. Francis' spirituality in this way.

--Teresa H.  Fort Worth, TX--


 I was thrilled to find this music on CD (Brother Sun Sister Moon)! I love your versions of Donovan's songs, and I love your songs just as much. I can feel the healing in your music. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart this way. 

--Russell H.  San Antonio, TX--


 I delivered my son to your music and am now hoping to replace my cassette with “Angels in Embryo” with a CD. Please let me know if a CD is available.

--Kathy E--


I just finished listening to the CD (Brother Sun Sister Moon) and I really like it. I have been so hungry for music that says something worth saying and that is beautiful to listen to at the same time, and this CD really does and is. I especially liked “I Love My life”, and will play it the next time my chronic illness group meets, plus a couple of dozen times before then – at least.

--Meg C.  Santa Rosa, CA--


 Have you or are you planning to do anymore heavenly spiritual CDs. Your voice is gentle as the wind, peaceful as the angels and resonates to the soul.   

--Jim, Mary and Lori H.--


A friend of mine just gave me the music of Brother Sun that you recorded.. The movie has been one of my favorites for years, but to have the music, with your incredible voice, brings tears of joy.  Thank you for doing it.  It is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.  I am sure St. Francis is honored.

--Deb N--