BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON Tellurian Records, 1991, TEL901D

Features Buddy Comfort on vocals, guitar and keyboards



Brother Sun Sister Moon

On this Lovely Day

Stone by Stone

Prayer of St. Francis

What Wondrous Love is This

I Love My Life

St. Francis and the Eagle

Love is the Night


IN THE HEART OF ALL  Tellurian Records, 2019, TEL902D

Features Buddy Comfort on vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, zither



One Heart

In the Heart of All

Illusion Illumination

The Thorn Seeks Not to Pierce

We'll All Go Together

Halleluiah War is Over

I've Gotta Take Care of Myself

Let there Be Peace

Sebastopol Sunset


MYTHICAL BEAUTY Tellurian Records, 2023, TEL903D

Features Buddy Comfort on vocals, guitar

with the Buddy Comfort Ensemble: Lorraine 'Lorrie' Hunt viola, vocals, and Stephen Coughlan (Huzur Nawaz) soprano sax, flute, bansouri




Everybody Loves the Sky

All the Seasons of Your Heart

Spring Song

Moon Over Valley House

Angels in Embryo

Any Tree With a Bird in It

 If I Were a Bird


 Keepers of the Garden