Illusion Illumination, Tolkien, and the Garden of Eden

Someone asked, ‘what do you mean by?’  “Every sound we make creates a new universe of itself, perhaps brief to us, but eternal to those within it”  

What I want to share is:  it is important to create beautiful, spherical, rich, warm, loving sounds. Sounds that reverberate their love, beauty, peace, harmony, light, and joy throughout this creation, parallel creations, and all new creations. So that this becomes the nature of the creation and all who dwell within it. 

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Silmarillion” the first chapter explores the original intention of the Creator to do this through his musical work.  Then appears the element of the ‘other’, which attempts to overpower and change the direction and nature of the original composition with its dissonance and chaos.   

However, the Creator embraces this discord and weaves it into the larger grander composition. 

Striving to be separate and dominant through sound, the self-seeking efforts of ‘the ego driven suffering other’ reveal the subsequent seeming dualistic nature of our own universe. 

When Adam and Eve partook of the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they transformed their awareness. 

from all is one in the Garden to awareness of separation and duality. 

In Zen teaching - all is all. When you are being your all is zazen. Mountains are mountains. You are you. One creation is manifested when all parts know they are one creation. 

The dualistic becomes seen as maya or illusion and is the substance of our own suffering.  Becoming free of attachment to the endeavors that separate ends suffering. 

This dance of illusion continues eternally until all awaken in the Garden of timelessness as One.

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