From the recording Brother Sun, Sister Moon

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This song came to me in a dream after a pilgrimage to Assisi.
Buddy Comfort - vocals, guitar and synth
Synth recorded by Bernard Xotyl


words and music by Buddy Comfort © 1987 / 2001 Laughing Tree Music (ASCAP)

He walked out on a cobblestone street.
The wounded hem of his brown robe
Lay in cold water round his bare feet.
His heart was too troubled to sleep.

He looked up at the clear black sky
Punched with cold bright stars
And asked them why there was pain in his heart
And suffering on, suffering on, suffering on the earth.

He walked up to the top of the hill
Looked out over the rooftops, steeples and plain
Wrapped his robe round to keep out the chill
And search inside, search inside, search inside the pain.

Then appeared an eagle
With the morning light
Called to him to follow
Across the painted sky, across the painted sky.

He said I am imprisoned here
In earthbound flesh and bone.
I have no wings to follow you
Must remain here, remain here, remain here alone.

From his heat arose a voice
Speaking gently and true
You have come to earth by choice
How you live is up to you, how you live is up to you.

I have one request of you
That you live this life
Tend my garden lovingly
‘Til all have eyes to see it, till all have eyes to see.

He walked out on a cobblestone street.