All might seem overwhelming right now.

All might seem overwhelming right now.

We will surely miss the judicial brilliance and courageous heart that was Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She was the embodiment of what a Supreme court justice should be or strive to be. Replacing her will be impossible without time and much scrutiny. It is an insult to all that is decent that Trump and McConnell are only interested in their own power. That they are ram-rodding mediocrity in the form of their own ideology, through in haste. 

Let us pray about it from the deepest most sincere heartfelt place within us:

“I pray that all branches of the United States government: The Executive; president, vice president, cabinet members including the attorney general, the Legislative; House and Senate, including the leaders of the Senate, and the Judiciary; federal courts and Supreme court – 

Be guided to uphold Democracy. To safeguard Democracy with a conscience, letting go of all coveting of personal power, wealth and self-aggrandizement -  

in truth, light, fairness, equality, true justice, compassion, caring about the common good, and commitment to uphold and preserve this government of the people, by the people and for the people. Remove all obstacles to a free and fair election in November of 2020, and into the future." 

Above all keep your connection to Source.

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