Animal Communication Continued

 A story to share: 

It was a cold, grey and drizzling day at the Los Angeles zoo. There was a monkey all by itself on a long ledge shivering. On the same ledge a little farther down were two tree sloths huddled together to keep warm. 

I thought to myself, and the monkey "scoot over and snuggle with the sloths to keep warm" 
Just then the monkey started to inch toward the sloths. He got within an inch and stopped. Then he warily moved and made contact. The sloth nearest to him opened one eye looked and closed it again. The monkey settled in and sighed, a little warmer for it.

It seems there is a choice at any moment in life. To close my heart and shut down in fear,  or open up in love and trust.  Takes a lot of courage.

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