In The Tempest of Life

A poem to share:

In the tempest of life 

When the wild ego unfurls its sails 

Ripe with holes, 

Will the soul’s awareness crew 

Patch them or abandon ship, 

Trusting in the warmth of new waters, 

The presence of dolphins, 

And the absence of sharks? 

For all the times we learn and unlearn experiences 

We form a view of what we think the world is like, 

And our sense of self becomes dependent 

Upon addictions to air, water, mother’s milk, 

Later sugar, numbness drugs, and ego aggrandizing stimulants. 

Do we stop to take the essential breath, 

And contemplate where we sit and what is next 

In this moment of life 

Guided by bigger hands and farther vision? 

Can I say, “I am content with what I have”? 

Or do I always want something different and more? 

Where does the restlessness land me 

Except in endless circles of desire 

And judgment of self and others. 

Knowing these things, 

In a moment 

Can be abandoned 

In pursuit of something. 

Addiction’s whim, wanting desire. 

Buddy Comfort

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