Winter Solstice Message

As the shortest day in this hemisphere approaches with the winter solstice   

I feel myself being still and reflecting upon where I am in my life physically, emotionally and with Spirit.

I feel myself on the promontory of earth spinning through space, the passage of time, and the possibilities of myself to heal that which troubles me. 

I pray that in these sacred times for each one, that peace of mind and heart and vibrant health will prevail around our precious blue green planet. 

May the forests be restored. May the air be clean, all waters clear and free flowing, the soil unpolluted and uncontaminated and our food be natural, pure and wholesome. 

That we grow to listen to each other with compassion and clarity and that we tell ourselves the truth and be responsible for what we express and what we create in this shared physical reality. 

May all be awake, loving, kind, fair and seek no harm to self or others. 

May all have all we need to thrive, and recognize and be content with that which is enough.

May we be in gratitude, and in the spirit of sharing and serving others.

May I be given the inspiration to create more music that enriches the lives of others.

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