I’m about to reissue my long out of print popular first album. “Buddy Comfort - Mythical Beauty”.

Good news! 

I’m about to reissue my long out of print popular first album. “Buddy Comfort - Mythical Beauty”.

It was released in 1981 on the Hearts of Space label as their first offering.

Buddy Comfort – Mythical Beauty     -     By Anna Turner and Stephen Hill

"Two things set this cassette apart from all else we offer. First it’s an album of songs rather than instrumental music: second, we recorded and produced ourselves, the only release to date on the HEARTS OF SPACE label. You’d expect us to be biased about this album, and here’s why.

Buddy Comfort is a pure and caring soul who lives among the redwood trees, has an absolutely gorgeous voice, and is a very accomplished musician and songwriter. Of all the singers we’ve encountered in our area in the last ten years, Buddy has consistently moved us the most.

Basically a folk artist and balladeer, his songs have an expanded frame of reference in time and space we call “Cosmic Folk.” His subjects are not yesterday’s news; nor is he concerned with simple nostalgia for our lost 19th century whatever.

Rather, he looks deeper and farther – to the age of myth, the kingdom of nature and sky. Stephen Davis of New Age Magazine called this album “lovely and heartfelt, holding a torch for mythic romance and a child’s reverence for the earth.”

In 1981 we invited Buddy to join us for a special concert-on-the-air. His performance that day was so fine that we found we had captured six of the songs on this album. The rest were carefully recorded in our studio and Buddy Comfort, Mythical Beauty is the result, a tender combination of sensitive lyrics with acoustic guitar, viola, flute, and soprano sax.

If you loved early Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins albums and mourned their “progress” you will find a kindred spirit in Buddy Comfort.

Galadriel, Everybody Loves the Sky, All the Seasons of Your Heart, Spring Song, Moon Over Valley House, Angels in Embryo, Any Tree With a Bird in It, If I Were a Bird, Swallow, Keepers of the Garden."

I’m playing guitar and singing along with my friends, Stephen “Huzur’ Coughlin on soprano sax and flutes, and Lorraine ”Lorrie” Hunt on viola.

This all-acoustic album is now being remastered to make it sound even better for you.

I’m excited to make this album available again after so much time.

Will let you know when it’s ready.  

Cheers, Buddy


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