“Don’t expect the whole world to be enlightened one day. It would be like walking into a Detroit automobile factory and seeing only finished cars. If the factory were full of finished cars, it would no longer be a factory; it would become a showroom. Likewise, you wouldn’t go to a university and say “When will the only people here be degree holders?” 

The universe itself is a university. People come as students; they study and learn. A few people get their diplomas and walk out.. The world will always be like this. Don’t think that one day the whole world will be enlightened. It is not possible. 

There will always be people who are still learning. When you understand the world, and realize your own true nature, you get the diploma. When others see you enjoying the peace and joy of having acquired that diploma, they will be inspired by you and will work hard to get one. That is the world.”   

           -Swami Satchidananda-  “The Golden Present”

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